Monument builders of the Vostochny space centre Amur oblast, the city of Tsiolkovsky. The history of the monument is. In the spring of 2015, I was approached by representatives of Spetsstroy of Russia with a proposal to create a monument to the builders of a new cosmodrome in the far East. Spetsstroy is a legendary construction company that built many different defense and strategically important facilities in the Soviet Union and in Russia. To implement a serious project, it was necessary to establish a creative team of fine artists. The customer has expressed that the team definitely was a very famous sculptor and state titles, as status is high, at the level of the President, the Government and the Minister of Defense of Russia. I invite the cooperation of my good friends and wonderful sculptors Surovtsev Vladimir Aleksandrovich and his son Daniel V. Surovtseva and we agreed on the draft phase separated, Autonomous developed several concepts of the monument. Taking into account the wish of the customer to find interesting, but not expensive solution, I went on line searching for more simple, budget decisions, and my partners were Vladimir and Daniel decided to make the more expensive but impressive project. In the end, customers for a long time conferring at different levels, decided to increase spending for the sake of the monument was more ambitious and representative, chose the project Surovtseva, which we then together and implemented. A monument for the ages, and the builders have done a Grand and they are worthy of such a monument. Yes, and the new town of Tsiolkovsky will get interesting, iconic sculpture adorning it. My project is too much, and promised in the future, too, to realize elsewhere. The idea of the realized project of a monument to not only reflect labor services to builders, but to show the epochal task of exploration and development of Siberia, to connect the historical past and the present, to show the natural attractions of the Far East and the key stages in the development of space programs of our country. On the front side of the monument are three figures (the height of each approximately 2.5 meters) in the center of the astronaut in space suit, the right and left of him, a boy and a girl – the builders of the cosmodrome. Figures stand in the center of the sphere, symbolizing a window into Space, and the dynamic planes of the sphere, you can see interesting reliefs of the various spacecraft, which launched the Soviet Union into orbit and to the moon and Venus. In the upper part of the sphere can be seen as relief figures of the astronauts that was first released in open Space. On the reverse side of the monument can be seen in the center of the sphere is more than a figure of Cossack pioneer of Siberia, which all its appearance and equipment refers to the seventeenth century. Around this figure, on the surfaces of the sphere you can see the bear catching fish on spawning, handsome red big Siberian deer, lynx among the branches, flying in the Sun Siberian rare Siberian cranes and floating forward to meet the new discoveries of Strugi – light Cossack boats. At the bottom, under the figure of a Cossack, closes the circle of the natural attractions of Siberia and the Far East, the legendary Siberian tiger. All this original bronze composition stands on a handsome granite pedestal and located near the modern railway station, which was built in the style of hi – tech. The station and the monument, both the original object drusen complement the other, creating a remarkable ensemble forecourt.