The monument to "Defenders of the sky" The monument is part of the memorial was created in honor of the 70 anniversary of the Victory over the Nazis in world war II 1941 – 1945. The monument is also timed to 100 anniversary of the establishment of the air defense forces. Nearby is a military town and a former rocket military part of the defense, many decades covering our capital from possible air and missile attacks of the enemy. Therefore, the choice of location for the installation of the monument is not accidental. The author of the monument and the sculptural relief composition by the sculptor Vadim Demchenko, gave this work a multi-faceted power of the troops of the Russian air defense, ready at any moment to protect the country from possible aggression. The architectural composition of a monument to "Defenders of the sky" relates to the architectural image of the monument "home front Workers and children of war", as they are the symmetric parts of the memorial complex in the center of which is the obelisk. Material Granite, bronze The year 2015 Customer Gorki Leninskie