Monument "home front Workers and children of war" The monument is a part of memorial complex, located five kilometers from the MKAD along the Kashirskoe highway to the old, a little further turn the town Visible. The memorial complex consists of a Central obelisk in memory of the soldiers of the local village of Petrovskoe, who died in the great Patriotic War of 1941 – 1945. The village has not survived, but a granite obelisk, with a conical spire of stainless steel is a centuries-old reminder of the heroes of the defenders of the Fatherland, and of this village. On either side of the obelisk, like two wings, located two monuments: the monument to home front workers and children of war, and the monument to the defenders of the sky. Nearby is the entrance to a military camp and the former military part of missile defence. The author of the architectural part of the memorial and monuments, as well as sculptural reliefs is a sculptor Demchenko Vadim. Working on way relief compositions for the monument "home front Workers and children of war", the author wanted to convey the harsh atmosphere of those war days and the steadfast determination to survive and do everything for the front and everything for victory over the Nazis. Representatives of all generations, both children and adults, and the elderly, shoulder to shoulder worked in the rear, endured many hardships and privations, but faith in victory gave them the strength to overcome seemingly insurmountable and do the impossible. This monument erected on the anniversary of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in WWII, of course, is a tribute to the labor feat of home front workers of the Soviet Union, but primarily the residents of the village of Petrovskoe, which provided soldiers at the front with food, working on the fields and farms under the bombing, as the front was under Moscow. The opening ceremony was attended by several veterans of the home front — time decimated the ranks of each generation, and next to the monument to the fallen soldiers, natives of the village of Petrovskoe, now stands the monument of the villagers, who also heroically showed themselves, working for Victory. Material Granite, bronze The year 2015 Customer Gorki Leninskie