A monument dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the victory over Napoleon The monument was opened to mark the 200 anniversary of the victory of Russian troops over Napoleon. An obelisk with a relief portrait of Marshal Kutuzov and General Pisarev installed on the Alley of Military Glory in Gorki Leninskie. The architectural design of the monument and bronze bas-relief portrait of Marshal Kutuzov, the sculptor Demchenko Vadim. Bronze bas-relief portrait of General Pisarev made by the sculptor mishanin Pavel Fedorovich. The place for monument installation is chosen not casually – here, through this place, and in 1812 took place with the troops of Mikhail Kutuzov, doing his famous Tarutino March, during which Russian troops secretly from the French changed the location and blocked the troops of Napoleon on the road to Kaluga, which the aggressors wanted to leave Russia. Tarutino maneuver one of the most important and key episodes in the history of the war of 1812, after the battle of Borodino he was the tipping point that finally broke Napoleon's plans. Blocking not yet ravaged by the French on the road to Kaluga, Kutuzov forced the invaders to retreat to the places where they have already walked the road to Moscow, all were robbed and ruined. The locals cherish the memory of these events, the popular rumor reports over the generations the story, as Kutuzov had stopped to mingle with the locals, encouraged them and assured that we will beat the French and drive them from their native land. In addition to the bronze portraits of Kutuzov, on the opposite side of the obelisk is a bronze portrait of General Pisarev. This hero of the war of 1812 is also no accident noted on this monument. He was owners of the land and manor Hill. He took an active part in the hostilities, and his portrait hangs in the hall of heroes of the war of 1812 in the Hermitage. It is with this portrait, friend and colleague Vadim Demchenko, sculptor mishanin Paul did a bronze bas-relief. The monument was erected near the Museum of the estate of Gorki (the Lenin) — beautiful places, interesting historic manor house and located in it a Museum of noble life. In this noble mansion lived through the last years a sick Vladimir Lenin. Therefore, in the name of the estate roller Coaster was added – "Lenin". Therefore, the manor is a Grand Museum, the leader, the place of pilgrimage of the pioneers and the Komsomol of the Soviet Union, and now is a Mecca for Chinese tourists. This Museum is interesting not only for the exposition is devoted to the leader, but also a variety of exhibition and concert activities. I witnessed several exhibitions and was pleasantly surprised – very creative, modern approaches of the new leadership of the Museum is spectacular, conceptually. I would have lived closer to these places, do not miss anything! Material Granite, Bronze The year 2012 Customer Gorki Leninskie Share