Functional sculpture-transformer "Urban" Vadim Demchenko at the end of last century began to develop original direction, that is, a personal project called "Functional sculpture", and the first ideas were implemented already in 2001. Typically, the first objects were made of metal (frame) and a tight fitting sheet copper. Such works were produced in specialized workshops, engaged in art forging and welding. Vadim Demchenko gave the wizards their drawings and the layout of the object on a scale from 1/10 life-size and was a regular at the workshop to implement supervision is to monitor the progress of the work. The sculptor himself loves working with stone and wood, and different welding and other work with metal trust those artists who "peck of salt eaten." Functional sculpture transformer "urban" is made entirely by hand. It is made of different wood species, including this oak, mahogany, amaranth and Lebanese cedar. Real bog – means not treated with wood stains, and had lain for hundreds of years at the bottom, in the water. Such as oak charcoal has a black color in the depth of the logs, and it also gets dirty as coal. This sculptural transformer is very comfortable for sitting, and turning the and installing on other points cease to be a bench and turns into an interesting abstract sculpture, dynamic spatial object. Despite the fact that he treated waterproof impregnated and smeared wax polishes, to install him on the street Vadym Demchenko specially developed original the pavilion, the gazebo, which is also used bead technology with the different precious woods and author of fusing. Materialcycle tree, Lebanese cedar, bog oak amaranth. Size 210х120х110 Year 2003 Customer private  order, the elite settlement "Landshaft", Rublevskoe highway.