Fountain "Birth of water" The space surrounding the house will never be worthy of framing your precious life if it is not ennobled by artistic gesture. To your house has taken its unique, its rightful place in the space next to him should live in the relevant art. It is to live, not to be or appear, as the author's work of sculptor gets its amazing vitality only in the place for which it was created by the master (the art of Asya Deitch about the sculptures of Vadim Demchenko in his article for the journal Landscape Design). Revolving in a perpetual cycle of Affairs and events, we can't always afford to go to nature, find a marvelous place with a beautiful and clean stream or a mountain, a noisy waterfall, to escape from the hustle and bustle of the earth, to relax the nerves and contemplate. The sound of water as if to wash your soul, purifies and enlightens the mind, fills you with new life-affirming energies. But if this parallelity noise and murmur of water are connected by and with a harmonious your heart sculptural way, a beneficial effect on you and the people close to you enhanced, making your life more positive emotions and paint. Fountain "Birth of water" (author's concept and implementation of sculptor Vadim Demchenko), it is possible to refer to such works of art, the communication that never gets boring and is not confined to a short contact with him, because it is based on the infinity of the imagination and to enable the imagination of the viewer. The composition of the fountain is a spherical bowl, lined with natural stone with mosaic inlays of labradorite, which is reminiscent of the shimmering waves in its motion. This Cup consists of two connected hemispheres, which is guessed, cleverly stylized and modern symbol of Yin and Yang, symbolizing the unity and complementarity only in nature and the relationship of male and female. Thanks to the fine color the game the whole composition and well-matched ratio of textures of various materials, there is an interesting feeling and perception of space. In the center of the Cup on the crest of a dynamic wave of the stone there is a beautiful, poetic rhythms and tonal gradations of abstract sculpture made of labradorite. In this sculpture can be seen and stylized tectonic movements of rocks and cascading streams of a waterfall, and opening a theatre curtain. Music, flowing rhythms originate in the upper part of the sculpture in a spiral of "source" and rush down. Egg-shaped, the through hole in the center of the sculpture represents the female womb, and a powerful jet of water passing through it, represents the male principle - it is clearly read by the subject of fertilization. But the water in this author's idea is not just an auxiliary tool, so what values and images it ascribes Vadim Demchenko: "Water is cleansing, birth, renewal. This is the amniotic fluid, life-giving environment, and the universal element of conception. She is the catalyst, the blood and vital juices that nourish everything and everyone". The character of the sculptor, as a rule, is manifested not only in his artistic style and the style of the work, but the choice of material. Vadim always prefers hard stone and wood require more effort, but gives a more noble result. Here and sculptures that adorn the fountain of the birth of the water" the author chose labradorite, a beautiful but solid as a granite rock. The texture of this stone has an amazing shimmering light and color palette, which helped to create a work with exquisite tonal gradations. The range of gradations from mirror-polished, reflective floating clouds to dull opaque and granular roughness, resembling scales. Foam jets, half-rings covering the pedestal, facilitate visual perception of the sculpture and create the impression that it is floating above the water. And pulsating, as if alive, tight stream is emitted from one edge of the Cup and pierces the sculpture, the colors of the rainbow shimmering in the sunlight and enhancing the enchanting experience with this unique fountain. To incorporate such a bold artistic idea has helped the equipment of the German company OASE. Vadim Demchenko is not like a sculptor, creating form for form. After all, empty beauty, do not have ideological and philosophical content, also produces emptiness - the emptiness of the soul and mental. For Vadim the important diversity of perception of the image, its semiotic, philosophical and poetic content. The author not only gets the aesthetic pleasure, creating a new image, but also intellectual, plunging into the world of cultural codes, signs and symbols, in the world of poetry and metaphors. And that he especially nice is the fact that customers are also inspired by the diversity of his creative ideas and become partners who are genuinely interested in the different intricacies of the creative process and enjoy broadening my horizons of aesthetic perception.