Elman Samedov: Vadim, tell me that you’re like a sculptor working with different materials, different techniques, different styles and make impressive monuments and fascinating decorative sculptures, you write interesting articles and poems, you’re interested in not only art and culture but also the environment you are creating with like-minded ecological settlement. What you find the most powerful expression of yourself?

Vadim Demchenko: You know, unexpected question, I do not think about it. Every time there is a pulse and finds expression there, where he can exhibit the most… accurate, easy to understand others. Something can be expressed more effectively in one language of art, something different. Of course I’m primarily a sculptor, this is my profession I studied and graduated from the Stroganov art University. The sculpture attracted me for its monumental features, its plastic expressiveness. The sculpture is a silent, but her imagery and forms affects one side of the senses, for her understanding and perception sometimes requires a more delicate organization of the human soul, and the poems affect others… strings of the soul. Imagine that you have inside the lyre or harp, and a skilled Creator touches their strings, removing the movements of your fingers you exciting rhythms and subtle vibration excites the mind and feelings. I’m certainly not about himself, that’s me on the great masters, and what I have just described is my experience and perception of great works of art like visual art and poetry. I don’t consider myself a poet, writing many poems and poets are few. In my understanding the great poets is a unique and amazing phenomenon, they put his life and his heart on the sacrificial altar of humanity in the quest to bring light and goodness.

Elman Samedov: Yes, I agree. And vivid memories of inspiring examples of art there, too. But you know, I wonder why is it artists — sculptors, as it may something to do with their hands, and secondly, where did all this come from?

Vadim Demchenko: I know you write music. For me the wonderful world of music like you the world of fine art, because I was not given musical talents. Alas!)) I think music is the most powerful form of art, the most profound, the most bewitching and impressive. You have to ask, where did all this come from? Don’t want to fall into pathos, let me just say that any Creator is a derivative of the circumstances surrounding it — this time. Data running along tribal lines. Specific mental and angles of perception the world is three. Advanced subconscious mind and sensitive intuition — four. The ability to feel and experience five… the list can be a lot of things, but this is the first five basic qualities that allow, in my opinion, to draw out thin and high worlds in our world what makes us spiritual, and moral, and deeply responsible.

Elman Samedov: As it is not very specific… I Want to hear something more understandable. The fact that the sculptors «just cut off the excess stone» we all already know, but I want to know another that be of your creative cuisine. I happened to mention the stone now, as you have many works of granite and marble, which many love.

Vadim Demchenko: You asked where it all comes from, so I tried it myself now to understand and to formulate, by the way, for the first time
yourself)). And the creative cuisine at everyone, and self-adjustment methods, and approaches to the topic or phenomenon in question. Importantly, what you’re doing was bothering you. Indifference or judgment will not prevent the master to make a beautiful thing. You know, just a beautiful thing, not a work of art. The thing is a product of the craft or a more modern mass production, and art — this is the realm of the spiritual. The area is not just unique skills and the field where the material itself is not important, there is perfume, there is a fine vibration, there is a connection with the Cosmos, with the Universe, with God… And the stone I like for its intractability, for his strength, for his authenticity. You know, in the age of plastic and synthetic materials, stone is referring to authenticity, to natural power, to eternity. The stone after all have a life measured in millions of years, and scientists are already sensitive instruments caught that rock has a pulse, albeit very rare, one blow a day, or even less — it is also individually, depending on the breed of the stone. So it is no accident that our ancestors were animated stones, gave them different qualities, and gave them different names, believed in their help and miraculous power.

Elman Samedov: wow! Then, as you raise a hand to a living creature, he probably hurt it when you cut, chop, chop!))

Vadim Demchenko: Take your sense of humor)). But seriously, everything in nature awaits and enjoys the human touch. Most importantly, it to be fully meaningful and creative business, support, joy, goodness, enlightenment. When huge quarries produced granite and crushed gravel is an ignorant barbarism, as the great layers of granite deposits it is not that other, as a repository of memories of our Land, Mother. We are reveling in our technical capabilities think has risen to a high stage of development, but on the contrary, the more technology is advancing, the more we lose their divine abilities, the more we lose their knowledge and their natural, eternal memory. Eternal means from time immemorial-reaching. A person has a matrix of memory of past lives, with proper development and education of the person he is able to plunge into my past to use his past experience, to behave more wisely and with each coming into this world to rise above the path of development of his soul, coming in higher and brighter worlds.

Elman Samedov: Perhaps you’re talking about reasonable things, but which is now no technical process?

Vadim Demchenko: of Course, do not escape from him)). The question is how each of us is aware that all equipment is not just different our assistants, it at the same time our prostheses. All technical devices gradually contribute to the extinction of many of our natural capabilities and the technique of «facilitating» our lives insidiously corrupts us and slowly leads to degradation. First the young man healthy and vigorous climbs out of the car, he lazily somewhere to go, and then climbs out of the wheelchair… First all the calculations are shifted to the calculator and the computer, and then wonder that your memory and brains very quickly on… And about to hurt or not hurt stones when working with the sculptor, I will say the following — at the stone form of life other, respectively, and to compare it with a human or other living biological creature that has a thin nervous system not worth it. A stone like this body is like a sponge, and the stone and sponge each molecule has its Jivatma, that is being with the mind of a single entity, each chunk is actually a large lump, grouped by community of many organisms. In my opinion, if the person is skillfully and delicately transformed the shape of the stone and gave it a fresh organic way, it does not harm the surrounding world and nature. You know, we are not always this hectic life to listen to yourself, do not know, and sometimes don’t want to understand and see signs and symbols encountered in life. Whether it’s accidentally flashed a thought (I think this is your brain produced it?)), whether some «strange dream», or an unexpected life situation that’s someone knocking on the door of your mind, you want something to warn or advise. It is known that many discoveries and ideas «come» to people in my sleep. Someone heard, understood, reacted to, and some don’t. Maybe the periodic table to many «was», but he reacted and «got involved», and so the apples fell on the head of millions, but Newton formalized it in the law of gravity. So, returning to the stones, I’m sitting on the surprisingly clean river to Polymath in Valdai, on a huge, sun-warmed boulder and admiring the views with lots of boulders which were brought here by the glacier, it suddenly «gave birth» in the head these lines:
Stones, my family rocks!
I pressed against you
And hear the moans
The dead pain
Fragments of a large heart…
Already not a sculptor
Stone felt the pain…
I myself as a big stone
Standing at a crossroads
At the fork in the road of life…

Elman Samedov: Yes, rocks do for your own theme. Very unusual point of view, now I heard.

Vadim Demchenko: I’m sure that the stone is so attracted not only me, not always knowing why, many people are drawn to the stone, to the space of their cottage and suburban areas attended these messengers of wildlife. And it is still not surprising, because for thousands of years stone was the personification and protection, and safe haven (the castles and fortresses of stone), the personification of eternity and stability. And today, in the age of concrete, plastic and glass stone are not just functionally used building material, is more, he is the bearer of a special energy and sacred spirit.

Elman Samedov: here, Here, and from this place, please detail!))